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Noa Shower Toilet-Chair

The optimised design expands the overall working space of the care giver.

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Sling Montreal

A standard sling with outstanding features. Made for a superior short transfer.

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incl. VAT €211.69 Excl. VAT €174.95
Handcontrol 4-button for Alenti DIN
Art. nr.: MSP-HH-AH-10910

incl. VAT €136.67 Excl. VAT €112.95
Standard Sling Visual Safety Clip
Art. nr.: MSP-TB-SD-00100

incl. VAT €405.35 Excl. VAT €335.00

incl. VAT €359.31 Excl. VAT €296.95

incl. VAT €210.48 Excl. VAT €173.95

Elevate your living with our working chairs

We have the most advanced working/triple chairs with features that make them great for the work and home environment.

Our ergonomic office or home chairs improve your posture drastically, reduces back pain and ultimately improve productivity. 

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Integral 2044 serie 3-way
Art. nr.: SW10005

incl. VAT €60.50 Excl. VAT €50.00

incl. VAT €139.09 Excl. VAT €114.95
Power Supply 12V/DC 6W for KERN
Art. nr.: MSP-PS-KE-00100

incl. VAT €96.74 Excl. VAT €79.95

incl. VAT €202.01 Excl. VAT €166.95
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