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The importance of using safe medical battery chargers

Experience charging your batteries  without worrying about safety or overcharging. Our chargers are equipped with the latest safety features to prevent overcharging. With our chargers you can power up your Lithium-Polymer, NiMH, and SLA/VRLA batteries with piece of mind.

Important safety features

In a price sensitive market there are many chargers that often lack critical safety features. Especially within the healthcare industry it is vital to choose high quality chargers so that patient care remains safe and unerupted. We’ve highlighted some important considerations to look for when choosing a medical charger.

Check out 5  important factors to consider when buying a medical charger

1. LED indication

You should avoid battery chargers that do not indicate the end of charge since an overabundance of output current can swiftly damage your battery. It is important to select a charger that indicate that the battery is at full charging capacity. Our certified medical chargers have an informative LED light making it easy to see when your battery pack is fully charged. Once the battery is fully charged, it will continue as a trickle charger.

2. Trickle functionality

Avoid using outdated charger that lack a float mode or current control circuitry that guarantee not overcharging your battery. Excessive overcharging can cause your battery to progressively heat up, ultimately causing serious harm to the battery. Our charger have a trickly charge functionality. This function will charge a fully charged battery at a rate equal to its self-discharge rate, keeping it at its optimal level and avoiding any damage.

3. Battery chemistry

When selecting a charger, compatibility with your battery's chemistry should be a top consideration. Check the specifications outlined by the OEM in order that your replacement charger fully matches. Note that most chargers are designed for specific chemistries and verify compatibility by confirming the battery voltage matches the charger specifications. Never charge incompatible batteries. Selecting a wrong battery charger may potentially damage them. Always go for the charger that fully meets all specifications so that your battery will fully perform safely.

4. Battery capacity

Ensure your charger has the capability to deliver enough power to meet your charging time expectations. Also keep in mind that battery Ah ratings can vary. Charging time will vary depending on the battery size. To ensure proper charging, avoid packs with an Ah rating deviation of more than 25%.

5. Consider the voltage

Incorrectly matching the device voltage to the power grid voltage can result in damage to your battery and charger. Assess your power grid voltage compatibility. At MSP Medical you can select the proper input voltage so that your chargers works in the region you need it. In addition to the input voltage it is key to avoid exceeding the output voltage of your battery. Excessive current will flow into the battery, that may heat up the battery and causes serious damage.

Selecting the right chargers for your batteries

There are many factors to consider when choosing a medical charger. When choosing MSP Medical as your supplier for medical chargers you can truly charge your batteries with peace of mind. All chargers are certified and have safety features that ensure your batteries are safely charged. Check out our offer of certified medical chargers and contact us in case of questions.

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