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Endurance testing for the best quality battery packs

We spoke to Leo Dhanpat, co-founder of MSP, about ensuring the quality of their products, especially the battery packs. Leo explains how, through testing and endurance testing, they test the lifecycle and capacity of the battery packs before they sell it. "We have to know what we're selling, that's why we test our products," he says. Leo explains the way they do this.

What prompted you to test the battery packs?

"At MSP Medical, we are fully committed to understanding what we are selling, which is why we continually test our products. Battery packs are a complex product. They are composed of lead and acid, which results in a chemical reaction. The quality of a battery is determined by the composition of the lead and acid. Since production mostly takes place in China, it is very important to regularly test whether the batteries still meet our high standards. If a battery does not meet our quality requirements, we send the product back to the supplier."

How do you test batteries?

"Our testing methods are diverse and thorough. We start by weighing the batteries to determine the amount of lead and acid. This is a fundamental indicator of battery quality. Then we briefly measure the battery voltage and current delivered, which gives us a snapshot of the batteries' performance. However, the most distinctive aspect of our testing procedures is the endurance test, in which we repeatedly charge and discharge the batteries to simulate their life cycle. This gives us a clear picture of the long-term performance of our batteries."

How does this benefit the end user?

"Our commitment to quality ensures that our customers can count on reliable and durable products. Especially with medical devices, such as patient elevators, it is important that the batteries are reliable and do not simply fail during use. Our endurance tests reveal the true quality of the batteries, allowing us to provide only the best products to our customers."

How important is battery capacity?

"Very important, especially in the medical sector. A higher capacity means that a device can be used longer without having to be recharged. This is not only a matter of convenience, but also of patient safety and efficiency in care."

How long does an endurance test take?

"A full endurance test, in which we charge and discharge a battery 300 times, takes about three months. This extensive process is necessary to ensure the quality and longevity of our batteries."

What is the importance of these tests to MSP Medical?

"For us at MSP Medical, quality means everything. Extensive testing of our batteries and other products allows us to ensure the reliability that our customers expect from us. This not only keeps our suppliers on their toes, but it also ensures that we are constantly improving and innovating our products. We also test batteries from OEMs, so we can be sure to offer at least the same quality. 
We leave nothing to chance at MSP. This is why we also test other products, such as loose battery cells and our battery technology. We regularly carry out random tests there as well. We also test products from our own production, such as elevator controls, battery chargershand controls, electronic controls, wheels and much more." 

MSP's goal is to always provide the best quality in everything we do, in which these tests are an important part. Curious about our batteries and battery packs? Check out our range of batteries or contact us for more information.

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