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MSP and Medicura work together to improve working chair Levi

To keep innovating, we take end-user feedback and suggestions very seriously. A great example of a collaboration between MSP Medical and their customers is the request from Medicura, provider of medical aids in home care, hospitals and care institutions. Together with Medicura's occupational therapist Eline Simons - Dekkers, MSP developed a new control for the high-low function of the Levi working chairs, so that it is now placed under the armrest, instead of under the seat, for easier accessibility. This adaptation has now become a much-requested option.

Eline Dekkers of Medicura on the development process

"The working chairs are used for people who need to move around while seated, because they have difficulty walking. People need to live at home for as long as possible, so we need to ensure that people can also carry out their actions as independently as possible for as long as possible, in a safe way. I thought it was illogical that we were asking the same people to bend down to adjust the working chairs, shifting their balance point. That's where the idea originated to move the controls to a higher point so that people have to bend less. 

I brought home a working chair and started thinking of ways to move the adjustment lever. Inspired by a different environment, by my husband and my daughter's balance bike that had a brake on it that I could use for the prototype, I mounted the brake on the working chairs. I presented this design to MSP Medical and they produced the new high-low adjustment on the working chairs Levi.” 

See the prototype made by Eline here:

"What I really like at MSP is that they are open to new ideas. They respond enthusiastically and incorporate real-life experiences we provide into their product. They have had to adjust their product because the first adjustment lever was less effective in practice after all. They don't see this as criticism, but rather as a way of improving the product. For instance, I have already asked for several adjustments and they are willing to make this adjustment. When you are involved with the end users, you often see slightly different things than when you are on the production side. By working together, you ensure that the practical experience is included in the product. This makes for a better product that is more usable. I am happy with the cooperation with MSP because they use this effectively. We sometimes don't see this at other suppliers."

At MSP, we take requests from our customers seriously and like to think along with them to improve our products and thus the care for both caregivers and users.

Benefits of the new working chair option

Using a mechanical working chair with the new adaptation provides the following benefits for the end user:

  • No more bending over for high/low operation 
  • Keeping in motion 
  • Training balance and muscle strength 
  • Lighter tiptoeing

How does the customisation request process work?

Like Eline, do you also see improvements to our products in practice or would you like a customised solution? Then get in touch with us. The process is as follows:

  • Telephone contact to clarify the request.
  • We gather as much information as possible about the desired product.
  • We start developing and producing the new product.
  • Is the new product of value to several customers? Then we permanently add it to our product range.

Do you also have ideas for new products or do you like to see improvements for medical devices? Get in touch with us!

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