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Arda Medical focuses on cost savings for its customers

  • Savings of 15% on customer maintenance costs 
  • Quickly purchase a wide range of brand-independent parts 
  • Fully approved in accordance with MDR and CE
  • Shipping within 24 hours with additional delivery options
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Arda Medical are experts in making sure that every device they offer is safe and reliable for their customers. And they don’t stop there. They also know how to fix and maintain any kind of healthcare equipment, no matter what brand it is. That’s why they are called “brand independent”. They can handle any device from any top brand with ease and efficiency. Due to their expertise and brand independence, Arda Medical is a reliable partner for the healthcare sector. They always strive to provide their customers with the best possible solutions in terms of care aids and their safety. How has the collaboration with MSP Medical resulted in an average savings of 15% on maintenance costs for Arda Medical's customer?

The challenges of brand-independent maintenance and repair

Arda Medical strives to serve its customers with excellence by applying its expertise and ensuring safety in every challenge. To enhance customer satisfaction and deliver more value, Arda Medical sought new ways to reduce costs for its customers. 

Original parts can be pricey, which lowers the customer’s return on investment. This also made is difficult for Arda Medical to offer the extra service that sets it apart.

The priority of Arda Medical is to ensure that service is affordable. Instead of charging exorbitant fees, they provide a top-notch inspection concept that adds value to businesses.

The solution for working brand-indepent

Arda Medical has teamed up with MSP Medical, the leading provider of replacement spare parts for medical equipment. MSP Medical makes its own brand of one-to-one replacement spare parts that are just as good as the original ones, but much more affordable. 

This is a great advantage in a time when healthcare budgets are tight and every euro matters. This allows Arda Medical to give customers a better service and help them save money on the maintenance of their devices over time.

Additional benefits

Always compatible with warranty from OEM

 Customers can relax knowing that the manufacturer’s warranty and liability will not be affected. Moreover, MSP Medical’s components comply with all legal requirements, such as the MDR directive and the CE approval.

Cost efficient and smart stock management  

MSP Medical ships the parts within a day, ensuring that customers receive prompt service and tools have minimal downtime. Arda Medical services devices from many different brands, each requiring its own parts. Thanks to MSP Medical's speedy delivery, Arda Medical can keep low stock levels and save on stock costs.

Saving time and money with ultra fast delivery

 Parts can be delivered directly to any location, either to the maintenance engineer so that he is immediately available in the bus or to the customer's location. This prevents unnecessary transport movements and allows Arda Medical to serve customers even faster.

The results: Extra profits for Arda Medical and a bargain for the customer

Arda Medical and MSP Medical have a great partnership that benefits both Arda Medical and its customers. Arda Medical is all about service, so they need to get parts at low prices and fast delivery. Thanks to MSP Medical, Arda Medical can get parts cheaper without compromising on quality. The customer also enjoys this cooperation. Through this partnership the customer can save an avarage of 15% on maintenance costs for parts. This is a win-win situation for everyone invloved. 

The future  

The partnership with Arda Medical has sparked a revolution in the Belgian market. Gone are the days of a rigid network, where service technicians were limited to one specific brand and used only the original parts. Arda Medical is now empowering its customers to embrace a one-stop-shop concept, delivering outstanding care in the field of maintenance and repairs, regardless of the brand.

Arda Medical continues to grow through the collaboration with MSP Medical

MSP Medical is a global leader in innovation and quality, and Arda Medical is delighted to offer their latest products, such as the Tailored Perfection range of slings. These slings are designed to fit any lift brand and provide comfort and safety to the users. Arda Medical also offers a unique service of replacing any rejected sling with a cost-effective alternative, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. Together, Arda Medical and MSP Medical are committed to delivering the best solutions for maintenance and safety in healthcare.

Highlights of the case study

  • Extra profit of 10% on high run parts
  • Savings of 15% on customer maintenance costs
  • Quickly purchase a wide range of brand-independent parts 
  • Fully approved in accordance with MDR and CE 
  • Shipping within 24 hours with additional delivery options 
  • Additional product range for expanding customer service

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