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3 product categories highlighted on their safety

The safety of our products is our top priority. We take various precautions to ensure the safety of our products. In this article, we highlight three product categories on their safety.

Wall mounted battery chargers

We have designed our wall mounted chargers so that when the battery is not properly clipped into the wall system or when the battery comes loose, it does not fall to the ground. When the battery falls, it is caught in the wall holder. This prevents damage to the battery and, in the worst case, a fire. We also prevent the battery from falling onto the carer's foot, possibly resulting in physical injury. Another advantage of the wall mounted charger is that the battery charger always has a fixed location, compared to a table charger that changes places more often. This is more practical and efficient for care staff.

Batteries and battery chargers

Another example that shows that the safety of our products is our top priority are our battery packs and battery chargers. Our battery packs are equipped with a restoring fuse in case of a short circuit. This prevents the battery pack from swelling and bursting in the event of a short circuit, which could result in a fire. In addition, we have used materials that are fire-retardant. This means that in the event of an external fire, it takes longer for the battery pack to catch fire, but it also delays internal fires in the battery pack.

The battery chargers are designed to stop charging automatically, so nothing dangerous happens when they are left plugged in. Our chargers have a charging process divided into four phases. In the last phase, the battery is fully charged and the battery charger goes into a trickle mode, which means that a very small amount of electricity is delivered each time. This ensures that nothing dangerous can happen if the battery is left in the charger when the battery is already fully charged. All our batteries and battery chargers are certified according to medical guidelines, ensuring safety.

Slings from the MSP product line

The slings of the MSP product line have suspension clips with a visual indication. For example, a section of the clip turns red when the sling is not yet properly attached and turns green as soon as it is properly attached to the hoist and therefore safe to use. This sets these slings apart from other slings in terms of safety. In addition, all our slings have a stitched information label that does not fade after frequent washing. This keeps the information readable at all times.

Applying safety in product development

When we develop a product, we first look at the current situation of the original product. From our own experience and expertise, we always consider how we can improve a product and make it safer, without compromising compatibility. We do this, for example, by coming up with safer designs and systems and always using high-quality materials. We also make sure that the service procedures remain the same, so you can use the same tools as the original for maintenance, which ultimately also contributes to safety. We are always improving and making our products safer. Would you like to know more about this? Or are there practical situations you would like to discuss with us? Please contact us!

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