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Healthcare increasingly shifting to homecare

At MSP Medical, we also notice that healthcare is increasingly shifting to people's homes. People often need to live at home for as long as possible, due to the pressure on the care sector, because hospital beds are full, people are getting older and older, and there are staff shortages. At MSP, we notice from our clients that extramural care, focused on home care, is growing significantly. This includes everything from nursing beds temporarily placed in people's homes to assistive devices such as wheelchairs, mobility scooters and shower stools. These are increasingly being used at home, in part to allow people to stay longer in their familiar surroundings, supported by home care or informal care.

The future of medical home care 

We see home care continuing to expand in the future, in part because of technical innovations, such as assistive robots and artificial intelligence. Think of robots that can take over household tasks, like robotic vacuum cleaners, but more advanced. With artificial intelligence, for example, smart refrigerators can help people with dementia live at home longer. For example, these refrigerators identify when food is finished and groceries need to be run. 

Home care devices from MSP Medical

At MSP Medical we are concerned with innovations and modifications to our products for home use. We see an increase in the use of mobile lifting devices that can be used at home, which increases clients' independence. We produce the lifting slings for that, which are available from stock, so there is no need to bridge days. We also offer working chairs and shower chairs in our range, which do not require major modifications to the home, such as to the kitchen or bathroom. We ensure that these working chairs function optimally within a home. Thresholds remain a challenge in this, but that is why we continue to optimize the wheels of the working chairs so that they roll over a threshold as well as possible. In addition, we ensure that our products are aesthetically pleasing. This is why we use wood finishes and organic shapes, so that they fit better into the interior and make it look more homely. In this way, we ensure that people can live comfortably at home independently for as long as possible. 

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Spare parts for home care

MSP plays an important role not only in supplying assistive devices, but also in providing spare parts for home care products. For example, we supply casters for nursing beds and we are actively expanding our offering to cover the need for parts even better. Our focus is on unburdening our customers by delivering the right parts at the right time. Due to the increasing demand within home care, we take our role in this seriously to support home care. 

Service and maintenance of home care aids

Home care aids are often used on loan. Once the loan period is over for the patient, the devices are returned to our customers' depot where maintenance is performed. There it usually turns out that certain parts need to be replaced, but also on an occasional basis when a device or spare part breaks down, they need to be replaced. This is where we come in. In both situations, customers can quickly engage with us and we make sure that the products can be delivered quickly to the depot or on site. We are in communication with our customers and keep the lines short regarding spare parts needs. That way our customers have what they need quickly and there is no need to interrupt care. 

As home care continues to grow, we at MSP Medical are well prepared to assist our customers in this as best we can. Do you have questions or ideas around home care? If so, please contact us, we'd love to think with you.

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