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OEM vs. MSP: the differences between medical parts

If you are looking for medical devices or medical spare parts, you can do two things: buy the original from an OEM or buy an alternative, for example from MSP. But what are the differences between original products from an OEM and alternative products from MSP? We explain it to you.

What is OEM? 

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. These are the designers and manufacturers of original medical devices and thereby also producers of the original spare parts.

What differentiates MSP from an OEM?

We saw dissatisfaction among hospitals and service and maintenance companies, partly due to the high prices that OEMs charge for their spare parts. In addition, service and customer-friendliness were not always perceived positively. That is where we as MSP see opportunities to improve. Establishing our house brand brings many advantages. Because we are a small-scale organisation, we need to cover fewer costs. In addition, we do a large part of the chain ourselves: development, production, own warehousing and sales. This allows us to complete our mission: keeping devices affordable and extending their lifespan. Resulting in a lower TCO (total cost of ownership).

From the MDR guidelines, we offer at least an equivalent product, with improvements wherever possible in terms of technology, durability and safety. In addition, we can always deliver from our own stock, we prioritise good customer service and we can respond quickly to special requests. This is how we differentiate ourselves from an OEM's original products.

Benefits of MSP spare parts

  • Cost advantage
  • Minimum equivalent quality, improved where possible
  • High service level
  • Delivered from own stock
  • Rapid response to special requests 
  • You are not a number, but a real customer

What are the advantages of an OEM over MSP?

Customers who use only original parts and nothing else will only buy their products from an OEM. In addition, OEMs have more knowledge about more different products. For example, when devices need to be reprogrammed. We do not have this knowledge in-house. In addition, we cannot offer all products as our house brand, due to economic and sometimes technical reasons. With an OEM, you can be sure that they have all the parts of their devices in house.

How do MSP and an OEM work together?

The collaboration with OEMs is improving, as we are starting to become more and more of an established name. That offers an increasing number of opportunities for cooperation. For example, we could start offering the original product package, so that we are even more relevant to our customers. We then buy the original products from the OEMs and sell them to our customers. Large manufacturers are often not set up to sell just one part and so we are able to offload these large parties. We buy on a large scale and can then supply this directly from stock at a good price. This allows us to provide the best service for our customers.
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The items shown in this catalog are by default NOT original parts unless they are expressly marked as such. Fig. and OE no. are for comparison purposes only and may differ / All logos, brand names and trademarks used are the property of their owners. MSP does not have a commercial and/or economical link with the mentioned OEM's.