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User-friendliness of spare parts and medical devices

In the development of our products, we ensure that we take user-friendliness into account. We look at the compatibility of spare parts, service procedures, design of medical devices and usability for both carer and user. We explain how we take usability into account.

Compatibility of parts 

We ensure that our products are compatible with other parts and devices. For example, we ensure that OEM batteries work together with MSP battery chargers and vice versa. 

For our hand controls, we use 'plug-and-play'. This means that the old part can easily be replaced by the new part, without complex installation procedures. This makes replacing a hand control on a piece of equipment a simple operation, so healthcare does not have to be on hold for long.

Service procedure remains the same 

Where we can, we ensure that the original service procedure of replacing the product remains the same as with the original part. For example, if a Phillips screwdriver has to be used when installing the original part, the same will apply to the MSP part. We ensure that the working method for the service engineers remains the same as much as possible. This makes it easier for them to implement our products.

Usability for carer and caree 

We also look at user-friendliness from the perspective of both carer and caree. For example, our products should be easy to remove. We therefore provide our products with a handle wherever possible, for example with our loaders. We also provide our MSP slings with visual safety clips, so you can see from the green or red indicator box when the sling is properly attached to the sling bar and when it is not. 

We always supply our castors with new fasteners, such as high-quality nuts, bolts and washers. This way, we always provide our customers with the right supplies during disassembly of the component, should any wear of the current fittings be detected.

Design of medical devices 

We also consider user-friendliness in the design of our devices. In the design of our shower chair, we have taken into account that the carer can stand as close to the user as possible. Here, the wheel frame bends inwards, so that there are as little obstacles as possible in providing care. We also optimised freedom of movement in the high-low function. When the chair is high and tilted, the carer can operate the user in the best possible way. To adjust the armrests, the carer does not need to free a hand, but with a tap of the hip, they can be adjusted. We also take user comfort into account. The seat and back parts are made of material that adapts very quickly to body temperature.

User-friendliness as part of the development process 

During the development process of our working chairs, we conducted a seating study. Here, we investigated people's sitting bones and pressure points, sitting in roughly the same place. We incorporated this into the design of the seat so that everyone is maximally supported. 

We have many conversations with service companies and care staff about what they encounter and which applications would help them, for instance in the user-friendliness of products. We also incorporate our own knowledge and experience gained over the years in the development process of our components and medical devices. 

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